Adding a Second Solar System to Your Home – 3 Approaches

There are many reasons why homeowners are considering expanding their current solar power system, ranging from wanting to be more energy independent to needing to replace their current inverter. Whatever the reason, it is best to consult a professional solar specialist beforehand.

Two-storey house with solart panels on the roof

Adding a Second Solar System: How to Do It

When adding a second solar system, you have three methods to do it:


1. Add more solar panels using your original inverter.

If your existing inverter is large enough, attaching more panels is a cost-effective way to get more power. Legally, you can increase your existing inverter by as much as 133%.



Unless the original installer conducts the upgrade, the current system warranty will be voided. Additionally, you will need to install the exact same, or at least, similar panels to your existing array.


2. Replace the inverter to enable additional panels.

It is possible that your inverter may be old or is too small for your energy needs. Replacing or upsizing your inverter may be an approach you want to take.



It can be hard to find panels to match the existing ones. If you want to install different panels without affecting the old ones, it’s best to use an inverter with two or more inputs.


3. Install a separate solar system next to your current one.

You can add a new solar system, although two systems working side-by-side can make adding batteries and backup trickier. The benefits of this third approach:


  • With a new system, you get a separate warranty
  • Installing a new solar system may be cheaper than upgrading
  • You can claim any rebates on your second system


Need a Solar Expert?

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