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Air Conditioner Cleaning – Non Toxic & Non Acidic Agents

We Use Non Toxic, Non Acidic Cleaning Agents To Eradicate Mould & Help You Breath Easy

We Use Non Toxic, Non Acidic Cleaning Agents To Eradicate Mould & Help You Breath Easy


As the air conditioner hydro sanitise cleaning specialists in the Cairns area we pride ourselves on our thorough, 2nd to none, cleaning process. We take more time than the others to make sure your system is completely mould and bacteria-free. The non-toxic, non-acidic cleaning agents by Environmental Air Solutions (EAS) that we use help to eradicate indoor mould & help you breathe healthy air!

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We all know that the high humidity of the Cairns climate is hard on people and places. Mould and air borne bacteria thrive in these conditions and are often difficult to contain, making mould treatment an important issue for OH & S.

We use these below products as they are designed to kill mould and bacteria in a safe, natural and environmentally friendly way. Made with pure Australian Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties we use these products with our air conditioner hydro sanitise cleaning and also sell to them to the public.
EAS Air Purifying Spray and slow-release Air Purifying Gel are a two-part process designed to kill mould and restore air quality to your environment.

We use these amazing products with EVERY air conditioner hydro sanitise clean

Great for both your home and office.

Air Purifying Spray

  • EAS Air Purifying Spray delivers sanitisation and deodorization.
    Within 2 hours of being applied kills mould, bacteria, fungi, spores & other viruses.
  • Complies with European Code EN 1650. Possesses Fungicidal & Yeasticidal activity in 15 minutes at 20 degrees C under dirty conditions.
    Spray, Wait & Wipe – it is that simple.
  • Pleasant aroma that disappears when process neutralises.
  • Ideal for HVAC ducts, split system A/C inverters & packaged units, as Tree Tea Oil is known to KILL Legionella.
  • Mould in ceiling spaces, accommodation, work areas & bathrooms will be eradicated.
  • Also used for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces such as benchtops, glass, mirrors & stainless steel.
  • It can also be used for treating bed bugs & bed mites.

Air Purifying Gel Treatment

  • EAS Air Purifying Gel – slow-release evaporation.
  • The Air Purifying Spray kills mould spores and the Air Purifying Gel provides ongoing treatment inhibiting the growth of mould, bacteria, fungi & other air borne viruses.
  • Neutralises damp odours.
  • Small tubs for small spaces such as bathrooms, toilets, robes.
  • Large tubs for workspaces, accommodation units.
  • Both Air Purifying products conform to ISO 4730:2017 (1).
  • MSDS available on both solutions.
  • Executive Summary provides additional detailed information.

Why EAS Air Purifying Products are so good:

Attack & structurally damage the cell wall & membrane of Mould, bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses that you breathe whilst indoors.

  • There is NO residual odour when balancing the air.
  • Greatly reduce your service, maintenance & operating costs!
  • Kill Mould & ERADICATE it forever!!
  • Provide HEALTHY air to all who breathe it!