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We Use Non Toxic, Non Acidic Cleaning Agents To Eradicate Mould & Help You Breath Easy

The friendly team at Easy Cool Air specialises in air conditioner hydro sanitise cleaning and air conditioner mould removal in Cairns and surrounds. We only use non-toxic and non-acidic cleaning agents and our meticulous cleaning process ensures that your system is entirely free from mould, bacteria and other nasties, making the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. The humid climate in the Cairns area makes it challenging to prevent the growth of mould and airborne bacteria, making this treatment crucial for OH&S.


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The Trusted Name in Air Conditioner Cleaner

We are highly dedicated to ensuring every job is done thoroughly and with the highest professionalism. To kill and inhibit the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria in a safe, natural and environmentally-friendly way, we use EAS (Environmental Air Solutions) Air Purifying Spray and Air Purifying Gel as our air conditioner cleaner. These products contain pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-viral properties. We also sell these products to the public.


EAS Air Purifying Spray is a sanitisation and deodorisation process that works on bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast spores and other viruses in as little as 15 minutes and completely kills these harmful pollutants within two hours. It’s environmentally-friendly and conforms to European Code EN 1650. Its pleasant tea-tree aroma disappears when neutralised, making it ideal for HVAC ducts, split system A/C inverters and packaged units. It even treats bed bugs and mites, and can also disinfect and clean most surfaces.

Environmentak Air Solutions Liquid Spray

EAS Air Purifying Gel is a slow-release, evaporative formula that is used in conjunction with the spray, but provides ongoing treatment that lasts up-to a month. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi and other air-borne viruses and spores, and neutralises damp odours, leaving you with clean, fresh air. It’s available in small tubs for smaller spaces such as toilets, bathrooms and cupboards, and large tubs for rooms and offices. Both air purifying products conform to ISO 4730:2017 (1) and their MSDSs (available upon request) provide additional detailed information about their proven safety.

Environmentak Air Solutions Evaporative

By attacking and structurally damaging the membranes and cell walls of the bacteria, mould, viruses, fungi and yeast spores that you may breathe while indoors, these products eradicate mould, prevent illness and provide healthy air for everyone who breathes it.

Our air conditioner hydro sanitise cleaning process uses these safe, effective products to eliminate mould and bacteria and restore air quality to your environment. Not only is this ideal for both your home and office, but it can also greatly reduce your maintenance, operating costs and quality of service. If you want clean, healthy air, contact our friendly team on 0742816824​ or via our contact page.