Air Conditioning Sanitisation Cairns

Neglected air conditioners become a prime carrier of mould, bacteria and other germs. Should your unit become a breeding ground for such hazards, not only will you risk people’s health but also compromise the efficacy and life span of your air conditioner.

To eliminate these risks, hire cleaning experts like Easy Cool Air. We provide air conditioning sanitisation services for all Cairns businesses and residences.

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Air Conditioning Sanitisation vs Cleaning

Sanitisation is a much more thorough hygiene treatment than an A/C cleaning solution. A typical cleaning service involves removing dirt, dust, and pollen, while sanitisation involves processes such as decontamination to keep the air fresh and clean, as well as extend the life cycle of your system.

Easy Cool Air offers its professional air-conditioner hydro sanitise cleaning to all types of units. We use non-toxic and non-acidic cleaning agents in our work, making them safe to use for occupied spaces.

Safer & Cleaner Air with Sanitised Air Conditioners

Without cleaning or maintaining your A/C, it can breed and spread various allergens and biological contaminants, such as dust and mould, throughout the building over time.

Mould not only causes foul-smelling air, but it can also cause health issues in people and efficacy problems with your A/C unit. For businesses, a dusty and mouldy system may also negatively impact your employees’ productivity— not just their well-being. It may also expose the business to potential fire risks and system breakdowns.

With Easy Cool Air’s professional sanitisation services, you can experience your unit functioning at its optimum condition once more, as well as provide a cleaner, hygienic environment for your home or office.

More Air Conditioning Solutions from Easy Cool Air

You will want to schedule regular maintenance and hygiene management for your A/C unit to keep it mould-free. Contact us if you need expert technicians to inspect and sanitise your systems routinely.

Besides our cleaning and sanitisation solutions, Easy Cool Air also provides air conditioning repairs and installation services throughout Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands. Contact the Easy Cool Air team today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do you sanitise an air conditioner?

Our sanitisation process involves spraying the filter and the heat exchanger with our non-toxic, non-acidic cleaning agents, as well as thoroughly cleaning the filter by washing or vacuuming. The filter’s surface and the heat exchanger are two components of the unit where air passes, thus sanitising these areas are critical.

How do you refresh an air conditioner?

Besides being highly effective in eliminating unpleasant odour-causing microorganisms, our cleaning agents are free from toxic chemicals and acidic properties and thus make the cycled air from your freshly sanitised unit better for the health. Cleaning your filters also helps refresh the air and your air-conditioning unit, though our technicians may recommend filter replacement if needed.

Can air conditioning cause coughing?

Any air-conditioning unit that has been neglected can accumulate dust and various allergens. They can spread out through the space and cause coughing in people, possibly triggering allergies. Dust also often leads to other health problems such as irritation of the eyes, wheezing, hay fever, asthma attacks, and other respiratory conditions.