Getting the Most Out of Solar Panels – Four Useful Tips

solar panels on the roof of a house

Solar panels are an efficient and green way to generate electricity for your home, and there are ways to optimise your solar panels and reap their full benefits that do not require expensive changes or hard work. Here are practical things you can do to get the most out of your solar installation. Getting the […]

How Much Does Dust Affect Solar Panels?

dusty solar panels

Keeping your solar panels clean and in tiptop shape allows you to harness their energy efficiently every time. Maintaining a solar power system’s cleanliness may be easy for some owners, but others who live in dust-prone areas will say otherwise. The Effect of Dust Build-up on Solar Power Systems Dust build-up is one of the […]

Air Conditioning Sanitisation Cairns

Neglected air conditioners become a prime carrier of mould, bacteria and other germs. Should your unit become a breeding ground for such hazards, not only will you risk people’s health but also compromise the efficacy and life span of your air conditioner. To eliminate these risks, hire cleaning experts like Easy Cool Air. We provide […]

How To Stop Geckos Getting In Airconditioner

two technicians repairing an AC

As much as humans like air conditioners to stay cool when temperatures go up, geckos also like them for the opposite reason: to keep themselves warm. However, as harmless as these creatures are, letting them sleep and build a nest in your air-conditioning units can have costly consequences. Geckos are one of the most common […]

Adding a Second Solar System to Your Home – 3 Approaches

Two-storey house with solart panels on the roof

There are many reasons why homeowners are considering expanding their current solar power system, ranging from wanting to be more energy independent to needing to replace their current inverter. Whatever the reason, it is best to consult a professional solar specialist beforehand. Adding a Second Solar System: How to Do It When adding a second […]

How to Check if My Solar Panels are Working Properly

man installing solar panels

Many solar owners don’t really know if their solar panels are functioning as they should, and don’t know how to find out. As a result, people often ask, “how to check if my solar panels are working properly?”. How to Check if Your Solar Panels are Working Here are some ways to identify any issues […]

What are the Best Solar Panels?

solar panels with a grassy hill in the background

One of the top reasons homeowners switch to solar is for cost-saving benefits. To maximise these advantages, you will want to install the best solar power systems that fit your home’s energy consumption and needs. But what are the best solar panels for you? What are the Best Solar Panels for Homeowners? The best type […]

Why Cleaning Solar Panels is Best Left to Professionals

a technician standing in front of an Easy Cool Air vehicle

Keeping a solar power system clean may seem like a straightforward process; sometimes, homeowners may even leave the cleaning to nature instead since rain can typically wash out the dirt. However, there are times when rainwater or DIY cleaning may not be enough. Rain isn’t a reliable way of thoroughly clearing dirt and debris, and […]

What is the Best Air Conditioner Brand for Your Home?

technician installing a split type AC

With so many options available on the market, choosing the best air conditioner brand can be difficult. AC systems are no small investments for homeowners, so it is crucial to choose a brand that can bring you the best value for money.   Types of Air Conditioners Before we dive into the recommended AC brands, […]

Smart Air Conditioning Control Makes Sense!

AC control using a smartphone

Just imagine the convenience of waking up in the morning and turning on your air conditioner before getting out of bed using your smartphone. Turn on your air conditioner from work so it is the perfect temperature when you get home, or even turn it off when you are out if you forgot to when […]