How and Why to Clean an Air Conditioner


In Cairns, air conditioners play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. If you don’t clean an air conditioner you’re regularly using though, it can lead to problems that can impact its performance, efficiency and even your health! In this article, we look at how and why to clean an air conditioner: Why […]

Keep Your Air Conditioning Functioning Properly in Cairns’ Climate


It’s known the world over as a spectacular tropical paradise, but Cairns’ climate can be uncomfortably hot and humid all year round. Locals and visitors alike rely heavily on their air conditioning systems to keep them comfortable in their homes, workplaces and elsewhere; however, the heat and humidity in Cairns can take a huge toll […]

Back to Back Aircon Installation

air conditioner installation

Back to back aircon installation is a popular method of installing air conditioning systems here in Cairns. It involves mounting the indoor unit of the air conditioning system on the wall, directly opposite the outdoor unit, which is installed on a bracket or the ground on the outside section of the wall. There are multiple […]

Why You Should Deep Clean Air Conditioning Systems at Your Business


Here in Cairns and surrounds, air conditioning systems are an essential component of any commercial business, as they provide comfortable and healthy indoor environments for employees and customers alike. Over time though, your aircon systems may become contaminated with dirt, dust, bacteria, mould and other harmful particles, which can compromise indoor air quality and lead […]

What is Split System Air Conditioning and How Does it Work?

basic air conditioning system

Split system air conditioning is an extremely popular home cooling system that’s quiet, effective and usually energy efficient, but what is split system air conditioning and how does it work? We’re here to quell your curiosity. What is a Split System Air Con? Also known as a ductless mini-split system, a split system air conditioner […]

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC)

Air conditioning is a common feature in many homes and buildings across Australia, thanks to our warm, sunny climate. We all know that air conditioning keeps us nice and cool, but have you ever wondered “how does air conditioning work?”. In simple terms, the process involves removing heat and humidity from the air in a […]

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

technician installing a split type AC

When it comes to keeping our homes and offices comfortable and cool, having the right size of air conditioning unit is key. An air conditioner that is too small won’t effectively cool the space, while an air conditioner that is too big can cause humidity issues and result in high energy bills. If you’ve ever […]

Ducted Air Conditioning vs Split System – What’s the Difference?

Ducted air conditioning square grill

It is a question property owners across Australia are faced with – to choose ducted air conditioning vs split system air conditioning. Whether you are renovating an already owned property or starting from scratch, obtaining the best air conditioning system to best suit your building, budget and standard of living is a big decision. Ducted […]

Types of Air Conditioning Systems: Commercial Vs. Residential

basic air conditioning system

Air conditioning units are essential in Australian homes and businesses, especially during the summer months. With several options available on the market, it can be hard to distinguish between the types of air conditioning systems and how commercial and residential units differ from each other. In this article, we’ll explain all the different types of […]