How to Clean Small Solar Panels

portable solar panel

Small solar panels are perfect for infrequent or low electricity users. They produce just enough energy to charge pocket devices and can even power up laptops, mobile phones and small electronic gadgets when combined with solar batteries. Does that mean their smaller size makes them easier to clean than traditional systems? The answer is yes […]

Getting the Most Out of Solar Panels – Four Useful Tips

solar panels on the roof of a house

Solar panels are an efficient and green way to generate electricity for your home, and there are ways to optimise your solar panels and reap their full benefits that do not require expensive changes or hard work. Here are practical things you can do to get the most out of your solar installation. Getting the […]

Why Cleaning Solar Panels is Best Left to Professionals

technician in front of an Easy Cool Air vehicle

Keeping a solar power system clean may seem like a straightforward process; sometimes, homeowners may even leave the cleaning to nature instead since rain can typically wash out the dirt. However, there are times when rainwater or DIY cleaning may not be enough. Rain isn’t a reliable way of thoroughly clearing dirt and debris, and […]