Things we check with an Air Conditioner service or maintenance plan

Here’s some of the things you can expect when we perform a service or participate in one of our maintenance plans:

  • Change and/or clean filters
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check for noise and vibrations
  • Check service valves
  • Check/examine piping insulation
  • Visually inspect air ducts
  • Perform air flow test (ducted)
  • Check condensers
  • Check drain pan (ducted)
  • Check condensate pump
  • Check drain lines (vacuum them)
  • Check compressor operations
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Check HPLP settings (high & low pressure)
  • Check outdoor unit properly installed & levelled
  • Inspect outdoor unit for damage from vermin/reptiles & sun-bleaching
  • Test Contactors & inspect for pitting and burns
  • Check fan blade for cracks and defects
  • Air balancing/testing
  • Air duct leak inspection
  • Air quality inspection
  • Static pressure testing
  • Check or perform room/house/property thermal efficiency analysis
  • Thermostat – test for proper operation
  • Inspect Condenser and Evaporator Coils
  • Monitor refrigerant operating levels
  • Electrical Wiring – inspect for exposed wires and tighten connections
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris
  • Compressor – measure voltage draw/amperage & monitor
  • Check indoor unit properly installed & levelled
  • Check if all accessories are properly installed (if present)
  • Check electrical panel security

What is the Aircon installation process

air conditioning cairns
  1. We’ll discuss your intentions for your home/property. This may include number of rooms requiring air conditioning, and number of a/c units required. Makes, types, warranties, performance, and styles of air conditioners preferred to suit your home/property’s décor and of course, your budget.
  2. Measure & quote. We’ll crunch the numbers to determine the thermal efficiency of a particular space, or collection of rooms. The costs and timeframe will be explained in full.
  3. Hand shake. Once agreed upon, we’ll rock up on a date & time to suit your timetable.
  4. Air-con installation day. We’ll aim to have your install done in a timely fashion, with minimal disruption to either yourself, or your tenants.
  5. We’ll explain our backup service, care and any maintenance package you may wish to proceed with.
  6. Enjoy your climate-controlled home or property!

Property investor? Add value with an upgraded air conditioning system

Most investors are looking for any way to maximise their returns with either increased cash-flow, equity or added value to their asset or portfolio. Done well, one can avoid a capital improvement situation with the addition of a new or upgraded air conditioning system. This is a win-win for any investor with decreased maintenance costs, an attractant for tenants, and potential yield increases/rental returns.

Cairns’ property market is an evolving entity but nonetheless fruitful for investors. Median prices for all units have been climbing steadily since 2012, and rental yields have ascended from around 5% in 2010 to a very healthy 7.5-10% at present, depending on the suburb your property is in.

The numbers for all houses are not quite as good, so it would make sense to have new, or upgraded air conditioning installed for your tenants, as well as for the benefit of one of your most valuable assets.

About Nathan from Easy Cool Air

Easy cool air

About Us

My name is Nathan Chamberlain and I’m the Director of Easy Cool Air P/L.

I first started working in the Air-conditioning industry in 2011 as a labourer installing spiral duct work in Perth, Western Australia. This continued until I was given an opportunity to take on an apprenticeship in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning in 2012.

I specialised in the installation of various types of Air-conditioning units in commercial, industrial and domestic use. I stayed with the one company for the duration of my apprenticeship, building trust where I was promoted to Leading Hand, taking on more responsibility and organising jobs to be carried out in a timely matter.

One memorable challenge was when I was given the opportunity to work in Papua New Guinea installing chilled water systems into banks of IT server rooms. This continued until 2015 when I was signed off my apprenticeship three months earlier than required, due to persistence and a drive to succeed.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to begin my journey to start a business in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning. I was sub-contracting to companies installing Air-conditioning in Schools which was a part of a BAS program. This led to traveling all over Western Australia to small country communities installing Air-conditioning into rural public schools.

I then made my way over to Cairns in September 2016 to work as a contractor at the James Cook University campus in the CBD. This led to bigger opportunities developing business relationships with potential and ongoing clients.

Easy Cool Air is now a company based in Cairns. We are here to comfort you and design and install quality Refrigeration & Air-conditioning systems to suit your needs.

Why should I regularly service / maintain my air conditioners

We all know in everyday life that if we don’t maintain something, it will probably, eventually, either come to a screeching halt, fall over or break.

Our bodies, vehicles, homes, plants, and even our relationships need maintenance. As do your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Several undesirable things will start
to happen if we don’t:

  1. Under-perform – not cool or heat to their optimum
  2. Odours from bacteria; germs and mould become airborne creating health issues
  3. Become inefficient – resulting in using more power, or require more power for your desired temperature
  4. Leak refrigerant
  5. A/C unit components can malfunction
  6. Drains can become blocked – leaks or spillage can occur where you don’t want them

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There are some DIY maintenance tasks you can do for your indoor split-system unit. Firstly, make sure you periodically clean the filters. These can be rinsed with water, leave out to dry, then refit. Depending on where you live, this could be done anywhere between every 6 – 12 months.  Alternatively, we can perform as little or as much maintenance as you need to keep your system running at peak performance. Above all else, keeping on top of this will go a long way to preventing problems down the track.

Contact us anytime to discuss a maintenance plan and we’ll lay out our comprehensive checklist in plain Aussie language, not industry jargon.