Commercial Cool Room Maintenance

As sturdy and durable as cold rooms are, problems that stem from a lack of proper and regular maintenance can cause them to break down or malfunction over time. Businesses that rely on cold storage should invest in scheduled maintenance programs to ensure their freezers and cool rooms offer a temperature controlled, sterile, and hygienic environment for products to remain fresh and safe for human consumption.

At Easy Cool Air, we can provide you with cost-effective and thorough commercial cool room maintenance services to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible.

When to Call for Commercial Cool Room Maintenance

In sunny Cairns, refrigeration systems have to work harder to keep up with the temperatures and humidity, making it critical to keep tabs on your cold room’s condition. Signs that your unit is not working as it should be aren’t always obvious, so we advise you to watch for:

  • Mould, mildew or condensation, which can indicate that the refrigeration system is not cooling down efficiently or has sealing problems
  • Chunks of ice on the door and evaporator coils, etc., which can mean the unit is overloaded and can’t sustain proper airflow
  • Excessive and persistent buzzing sounds, which may be due to dirty or defective components in the system
  • Higher power bills, which can stem from inefficient cooling
  • Food items spoiling before their use-by date, which can indicate inconsistent temperatures
cool room installation

Should any of these issues arise, we recommend getting your cold room checked by a qualified technician. You can rely on the Easy Cool Air team for comprehensive repairs and maintenance, as well as cool room installation.

cool room exterior

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