Commercial Fridge Not Cooling? Here’s What to Do

Commercial fridges are a vital component in restaurants and other food service operations, the hospitality industry and general stores. They help to keep large batches of food fresh and safe for consumption for longer. A reliable fridge will keep fresh and perishable foods and beverages from spoiling. They will also help to prevent the occurrence of foodborne illnesses.


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Troubleshooting Your Commercial Refrigerator

Is your commercial fridge not cooling or cold enough? This can result in costly waste. There could be any number of reasons why your unit is not cooling or functioning properly. Here’s how to troubleshoot the reason for a malfunction in your commercial fridge.

1. Check the condenser coils for dirt

Dirty condenser coils are the most common reason for commercial fridges not cooling properly. These coils help to cool the refrigerant. When dirt, grease and dust accumulate on the coils, their function is impaired, and the unit will not cool as it should.

Many commercial fridges have condenser coils behind the bottom or top grate on the rear wall of the fridge. Turn off the refrigerator and unplug it prior to checking the coils for dirt.

2. Check the doors

Your unit won’t stay cool if the doors are not closing properly. Check the rubber gasket around the door to see if it is ripped or worn. The gasket keeps warm air out and cold air in. You should also check the hinges of the door. Check to see if they are loose or broken. If the door is not closing properly, cool air will escape and warm air will enter the fridge.

3. Check the thermostat

The thermostat is vital in controlling the internal temperature of the fridge. If it isn’t functioning properly, it will not provide accurate temperature readings and the right temperature will not be achieved within the fridge.

Check the thermostat to see whether it’s blocked with food items, is taking accurate readings, and is set properly.


How to deal with commercial fridge not cooling

Commercial fridges are much more complex and powerful than regular fridges. If your fridge isn’t cooling, you should contact a professional and experienced technician for proper diagnosis and reliable commercial refrigeration repair services.

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