Commercial Wine Refrigerator Services

A commercial wine refrigerator is the optimum storage choice for liquor at bars, clubs, restaurants, lounges or pubs. Not only does it have an attractive display that creates a refined and pleasant ambience for your customers, but it can also take their wine-drinking experience to a new level. A wine refrigerator with humidity control, for example, is a fantastic investment for these establishments because humidity influences the finesse and taste of specific wines.

Inefficient refrigeration systems can cause improper wine cooling and spoil your liquor. It can even cause costlier issues down the line. Ensure this doesn’t happen by investing in quality services from refrigeration experts.

Commercial Wine Refrigerator Services at Easy Cool Air

At Easy Cool Air, we do:

  • Supply commercial wine refrigeration systems
  • Professional installation
  • Rapid response 24/7 emergency repairs
  • Routine inspections and scheduled maintenance plans

Through professional work, we can ensure the life expectancy of your commercial cooling equipment and prevent costly future repairs.

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Common Wine Beer Chiller & Fridge Issues to Watch Out For

Reach out to our team at any time if your wine cooler or fridge:

  • Won’t turn on – possibly caused by a faulty fuse, tripped breakers or loose power cords.
  • Isn’t cooling – this could be caused by problems in the thermostat, condenser, compressor or evaporator fan motor.
  • Is leaking – a water leakage may stem from dirty or defective door seals or a clogged drain hose.
  • Is making grinding or squealing noises – professional service is much-needed.

Take good care of your commercial wine drink fridge through regular service and maintenance by experienced service technicians. Our team at Easy Cool Air has serviced various types, styles and sizes of wine coolers over the years, building knowledge and experience to provide reliable and exceptional service. Contact us or call 07 4281 6824 today for inquiries.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wine and Beer Fridges

Nothing ruins wine quality more than storing and serving it at the wrong temperature. The general rule for long-term storage is that your wine fridge’s temperature should be around 10-15°C. The temperature should never go beyond 24°C to avoid oxidation.

While both equipment’s main purpose is to chill wine, they have their differences. Wine fridges have the environment to store wine for long periods, while wine coolers are for short-term storage. Fridges can also accommodate bottles of all sizes. Coolers are usually portable and may not fit bottles larger than standard-sized ones, ideal for under-the-counter installations. The former is also the better choice for aging wines and better temperature and humidity control. Wine coolers typically have inadequate insulation, possibly causing temperatures to fluctuate.