Hot Water System Replacement

From taking showers to doing laundry to washing dishes, it’s no question that the water heater is one of the most utilised appliances in the home. In fact, water heating accounts for the second biggest energy use in the household, next to space heating and cooling.

It’s not surprising then, that this high usage can take its toll on your system in the long run. When the need for a hot water system replacement arises, call a qualified professional like Easy Cool Air for quality installation and guaranteed safety.

When to get a hot water system replacement

You don’t have to wait until your water heater bursts or starts leaking to replace it. Hot water systems have an average working life of 10 years, so you may want to replace your unit before it expires and causes emergencies.

You can also opt for a hot water system replacement if you want to upgrade to a unit with a bigger capacity, or switch to an option befitting Cairns’ warm climate, like a solar hot water system. Whatever your needs are, whether it be inspection, repairs, installation, or maintenance on your water heater, our licensed and insured team at Easy Cool Air can help.

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Hot water systems specialists in Cairns

Replacing a water heater is easier said than done. There are many factors to consider, such as budget, type and size of the hot water system, and the installation location— some things can be more technical requiring professional electrical expertise.

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Easy Cool Air takes pride in our team’s experience and qualifications to get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising quality and efficiency. Not only that, but we also put your safety as our priority, with the assurance that our work strictly complies with safety regulations. For any queries about our service, or to book a complimentary appointment, please contact us today.

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