How Much Does Dust Affect Solar Panels?

Keeping your solar panels clean and in tiptop shape allows you to harness their energy efficiently every time. Maintaining a solar power system’s cleanliness may be easy for some owners, but others who live in dust-prone areas will say otherwise.

dusty solar panels

The Effect of Dust Build-up on Solar Power Systems

Dust build-up is one of the many solar blockers that affect the efficiency of solar panels and is perhaps the most common nuisance among them. Dust can come from different environmental sources such as dust storms, construction sites and highways; living near such areas will most likely require you to clean your solar panels more often.

But fine dust— how can such tiny particles affect the energy output of your system? The answer lies in the solar panels’ photovoltaic (PV) cells, which require absorbing sunlight to convert into electricity.


How Much Does Dust Affect Solar Panels’ Efficiency?

So how much does dust affect solar panels? A small layer of dust build-up can decrease power output up to 6.5% in two months without cleaning, and if you’re living in a desert area, this can reach as much as 60%.

The actual effect of dust on solar panels will vary from system to system, as dust is not the only factor in the decrease of energy efficiency. It also includes air, humidity, temperature, wind speed, the type of dust particle, and the material of the PV cell. Regardless, heavy layers of dust on solar panels highly affect energy production, making cleaning a vital routine for solar owners.


Professional Cleaning for Dusty Solar Panels in Residential Cairns

While rain can suffice as a way to clean solar panels, professional cleaning is highly recommended for various reasons related to safety, thoroughness, and efficacy. You will want your solar system working at maximum performance— therefore, it deserves maximum care and maintenance by solar professionals like us.

Easy Cool Air provides professional cleaning for residential solar power systems across Cairns. Besides cleaning, we also offer solar panel repairs, maintenance, and installations.

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