How To Stop Geckos Getting In Airconditioner

As much as humans like air conditioners to stay cool when temperatures go up, geckos also like them for the opposite reason: to keep themselves warm. However, as harmless as these creatures are, letting them sleep and build a nest in your air-conditioning units can have costly consequences.

Geckos are one of the most common pest problems in Australia and are known for damaging A/C systems. If you are looking for ways on how to stop geckos getting in your air conditioner, Easy Cool Air, the leading air conditioning company in Cairns has put together this useful guide, so please read on.

two technicians repairing an AC

What Geckos Do to Your Air Conditioner

In Australia, homeowners may encounter these reptiles inside their A/C units. The warmest part of the system is the circuit board— and that’s the exact place geckos like to sleep in and build nests.

Letting them crawl and sleep on the circuit board can cause a disaster, however. Not only can geckos chew on the electrical wiring, but their body can cause a short circuit that can kill both the reptile and the A/C system.

How to Stop Geckos From Getting in Air Conditioner Units – Top Tips

The repair bill for gecko-damaged air conditioners can reach hundreds of dollars since manufacturer warranties may not cover this kind of damage. Some inexpensive but effective methods to deter geckos involve spraying substances or placing objects with sharp odours in or around the vents, which include:

  • mothballs
  • lanolin
  • garlic cloves
  • onions
  • pepper spray
  • vapour rub

Alternatively, you can call in professionals to assist you with your gecko problem, especially if you have a large number of them at your property. You can contact gecko deterrence or even air-conditioning repair and installation experts like Easy Cool Air to help you. Expert help may involve treating your unit with a special mixture spray or moving your system to a better placement.

Need Professional Assistance with A/C Repairs?

Should you require expert air conditioner repairs for your damaged unit, contact Easy Cool Air today. We specialise in both residential and commercial air-conditioning repairs and maintenance services, as well as A/C breakdowns, including fault finding and parts replacement.