Air Conditioning 101: What is a Smart Air Conditioner?

With the latest innovation, enjoy waking up cool, without even leaving your bed. More and more technology options can now be controlled from your smartphone, and there’s no surprise that A/C units are included in this new innovation. If you’ve found yourself asking the question ‘What is a smart air conditioner?’ or ‘How do smart A/C units work?’ then keep on reading as the air conditioning experts in Cairns at Easy Cool Air weigh in.

AC control using a smartphone

What is a Smart Air Conditioner?

A smart air conditioner is a type of unit that comes equipped with bluetooth technology that enables users to connect their smartphones to their units. With the use of an app on their phone, users are able to control the temperature of their home remotely and set timers, regardless of whether they’re in their home or not.

How can I control my air conditioner remotely?

Several smart air conditioners come with a developed app you can install on your smartphone. Depending on the brand of A/C unit you choose, you may have access to options including active temperature monitoring, remote temperature control, the ability to set timers, frequency control and more. By connecting your phone to your air conditioner, you can make changes to your unit without having to use a remote, as your phone acts as a remote to the unit.

How to make A/C smart?

While there are several options of smart A/C units available on the market, some home owners don’t want to front the expense of upgrading their entire system. Luckily there are several devices that can mimic the actions of a smart A/C and can offer you the same functionality and features on your existing device. These devices work with temperature gauges and a Wi-Fi connection to allow you to connect your device remotely and function the same way your A/C remote would.

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