Solar Panel Cleaning Services

At Easy Cool Air, we provide solar panel cleaning services in Cairns and surrounds that’s second to none.

We have the extensive knowledge and skills to clean and service your existing solar panels so they can perform at optimal levels all year round. Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers and our local knowledge means that we understand your needs when it comes to solar panel cleaning.

When Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are prone to environmental stressors like dust and debris, so leaving them for long periods without cleaning can affect the performance of the unit.

It’s recommended you have your solar panels cleaned and checked by a professional at least once every 12 months, but if you suspect your panels are under-performing, a 6 monthly check may be necessary.

Why Should I Use a Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

The more light a solar panel can absorb, the more efficiently it will convert light to energy and generate power for your home or business. If your panels are littered with bird droppings, grime and dirt build-up, it’ll result in panels that aren’t operating at peak performance levels and affect the energy output of the unit.

Contact us for a free quote today and find out how we can help with solar panel cleaning services. The friendly team at Easy Cool air will assess your panels and location, and discuss options for cleaning that suit your needs.

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Why Take Risks? Contact Us Instead

Our Far North Queensland climate is perfect for solar panels, but it’s also an environment where dirt, storm debris and birds can wreak havoc on your panels.

Thorough cleaning and solar maintenance should really only be done by a professional solar panel cleaning service. The team at Easy Cool Air have over 10 years experience and have the knowledge and equipment needed to safely and effectively get your panels functioning efficiently again.

If your solar panels are looking a little worse for wear, contact us for a chat today.

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