What to Expect from an Air Conditioner Service Plan

Air conditioners are one of the best investments for any property, whether residential or commercial. If maintained properly, they can last for fifteen to twenty years.


Why You Should Sign Up for an Air Conditioner Service Plan

For an A/C unit to function at peak efficiency and preserve its warranty, homeowners and commercial property owners should not neglect regular maintenance. One of the best ways to ensure your unit is getting the service it needs, is through an air conditioner service plan. Signs of wear-and-tear, mould formation and unseen damage may cause your A/C unit to have significant irregularities, produce impure air that can be hazardous to one’s health, and potentially increase your energy expenses.


Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Here are some of the things you can expect from Easy Cool Air’s air conditioner maintenance plans: 

  • Change and/or clean filters;
  • Check refrigerant pressures, noise and vibration, service valves and piping insulation;
  • Visually inspect air ducts and perform airflow test;
  • Check condensers, drain pan, condensate pump, compressor operations, evaporator coil, and high and low-pressure settings;
  • Check and vacuum drain lines;
  • Check if the outdoor and indoor units are properly installed and levelled;
  • Inspect outdoor unit for damage from vermin/reptiles and sun-bleaching;
  • Test and inspect contactors for pitting and burns;
  • Check fan blade for cracks and defects;
  • Air balancing/testing;
  • Air duct leak and air quality inspection;
  • Static pressure testing;
  • Room/house/property thermal efficiency analysis;
  • Thermostat – test for proper operation;
  • Inspect condenser and evaporator Coils;
  • Monitor refrigerant operating levels;
  • Electrical Wiring – inspect for exposed wires and tighten connections;
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris;
  • Compressor – measure voltage draw/amperage and monitor;
  • If present, check if all accessories are properly installed; and
  • Check electrical panel security. 

The Best Air Conditioning Servicing in Cairns

Check out our scheduled A/C servicing and maintenance plans that homeowners and commercial properties in Cairns can take advantage of. Contact us today to get a free quote!