Home » What is the Aircon installation process

  1. We’ll discuss your intentions for your home/property. This may include number of rooms requiring air conditioning, and number of a/c units required. Makes, types, warranties, performance, and styles of air conditioners preferred to suit your home/property’s décor and of course, your budget.
  2. Measure & quote. We’ll crunch the numbers to determine the thermal efficiency of a particular space, or collection of rooms. The costs and timeframe will be explained in full.
  3. Hand shake. Once agreed upon, we’ll rock up on a date & time to suit your timetable.
  4. Air-con installation day. We’ll aim to have your install done in a timely fashion, with minimal disruption to either yourself, or your tenants.
  5. We’ll explain our backup service, care and any maintenance package you may wish to proceed with.
  6. Enjoy your climate-controlled home or property!