Air Conditioner Installation Process: What it Is and How to Prepare

While it’s best to leave the air conditioner installation to the professionals, there are ways homeowners like you can prepare to ensure the process goes seamlessly. Here are some tips.

split type air conditioner

Preparing for Air Conditioner Installation Day

#1 Consider where you want the air conditioner (and its controller) beforehand. 

Placement is essential as it can affect the effectiveness of your A/C unit. In consideration of wiring and other factors, the installer may recommend another location for either the controller or unit or both, so be flexible and work with them. 

#2 Place dust covers on your belongings.

Dust, sawdust and plaster are inevitable during A/C installation. Cover up your valuable items and furniture with dust covers. For carpets, you can use a drop sheet to prevent debris from penetrating the fibres.

#3 Ensure there’s ample space for the A/C installers to work. 

You can move furniture and decorations out of the way before the technicians arrive to save time and effort as well as minimise potential damage or accidents.

What is our Aircon Installation Process?

  1. We’ll discuss your intentions for your home or property. This may include the number of rooms requiring air conditioning, the number of A/C units required, makes, types, warranties, performance, and styles of air conditioners preferred to suit your home or property’s décor, and of course, your budget.
  2. Measure & quote. We’ll crunch the numbers to determine the thermal efficiency of a particular space, or collection of rooms. The costs and timeframe will be explained in full.
  3. Hand shake. Once agreed upon, we’ll rock up on a date & time to suit your timetable.
  4. Air-con installation day. We’ll aim to have your install done in a timely fashion, with minimal disruption to either yourself, or your tenants.
  5. We’ll explain our backup service, care and any maintenance package you may wish to proceed with.
  6. Enjoy your climate-controlled home or property!

Aircon Installation in Cairns

Easy Cool Air specialises in residential and commercial air conditioning installation here in Cairns. We ensure our work is timely, professional, clean and tidy. Get in touch with our team today to book a complimentary appointment.