Home » Why Should I Regularly Service And Maintain My Air Conditioner?

We all know in everyday life that if we don’t maintain something, it will probably, eventually, either come to a screeching halt, fall over or break.

Our bodies, vehicles, homes, plants, and even our relationships need maintenance. As do your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Several undesirable things will start
to happen if we don’t:

  1. Under-perform – not cool or heat to their optimum
  2. Odours from bacteria; germs and mould become airborne creating health issues
  3. Become inefficient – resulting in using more power, or require more power for your desired temperature
  4. Leak refrigerant
  5. A/C unit components can malfunction
  6. Drains can become blocked – leaks or spillage can occur where you don’t want them

There are some DIY maintenance tasks you can do for your indoor split-system unit. Firstly, make sure you periodically clean the filters. These can be rinsed with water, leave out to dry, then refit. Depending on where you live, this could be done anywhere between every 6 – 12 months.  Alternatively, we can perform as little or as much maintenance as you need to keep your system running at peak performance. Above all else, keeping on top of this will go a long way to preventing problems down the track.

Contact us anytime to discuss a maintenance plan and we’ll lay out our comprehensive checklist in plain Aussie language, not industry jargon.