Free Online AC Size Tool

Air Conditioning Size Calculator

Do you need assistance working out the correct size of your ducted or split system air conditioning unit? 

As the leading air conditioning company in Cairns we’re here to make life easy for you with Easy Cool Air’s sizing calculator as a guide.

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Disclaimer – This size calculator is only an approximate guide. The size you actually need, in order to cool your space, will be dependent on a number of additional factors, including number of windows, climate, number of people living in the space, and other head loads.

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Why Use an Air Conditioning Size Calculator?

Why is there a need for a split system size calculator? Or a ducted air conditioning size calculator?

An AC unit that is too big or too small for your layout can reduce the system’s lifespan and result in damaging consequences such as overheating, inconsistent temperatures, higher power consumption and poor air quality.

With our air conditioning size calculator for Australia, you can determine a more accurate unit size approximation for your location.

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What AC Best Suits Your Property Layout?

Do you know what air conditioning & cooling system best suits your individual needs and home layout?

  • Split-system – Ideal for an open-plan space or one room.
  • Multi-split – Ideal for multiple rooms that are close together.
  • Ducted – Ideal for cooling and heating the entire property.
  • Wall-mounted – Similar to a split system, these are ideal for open-plan spaces or one room.

AC Brands Available at Easy Cool Air

At Easy Cool Air, we offer reputable brand names for AC systems.


What this brand offers:

Split and multi-split indoor systems and ducted units with inverter ducted and bulkhead models


Five-year parts and labour warranty on domestic units


What this brand offers:

Domestic air conditioning systems, which include single-room units such as wall-mounted split, bulkhead models, ceiling-mounted, and floor console


Five-year labour, parts and compressor warranty


What this brand offers:

Domestic AC systems, including multi-room units, single-room units, and ducted models, and centralised smart system controls and remote device connectivity


Five-year warranty for their AC units


What this brand offers:

Domestic unit range, which includes multi-type system units, wall-mounted, ducted, ceiling & floor consoles, and cassette models


Five-year full parts and labour warranty for domestic systems

What's Next: Aircon Installation

Once you have estimated the size of your AC unit with our calculator, installation is likely your next step. Here’s what you can expect from us when you hire us to install your AC unit.

  1. Discussion. Our technician will talk to you about your intentions for your property, which includes discussing the number of rooms that need air conditioning, the required number of A/C units, warranties, preferred AC makes and models, and budget.
  2. Measure and Quote. We’ll calculate and analyse the numbers to determine the thermal efficiency of the rooms and discuss the costs and timeframe in full. Once explained and agreed upon, we’ll set a date and time for the installation that fits your schedule.
  3. Installation. Our team aims to complete your AC installation promptly and with minimal disruption.
  4. Additional Plans. Easy Cool Air also has backup service, care and maintenance packages you may be interested in to keep your newly installed AC unit running efficiently for a long time.
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How to Prepare for Aircon Installation

  1. Consider where you want your AC unit and controller placed on your property. Your installer may also recommend placements for either system to consider wiring and other technical factors.
  2. Place dust coverings on your carpet, furniture and other valuable items.
  3. Move furniture and items out of the way before the installer arrives to give them space to work with and minimise damage or injury.

Installation is as critical as the make and model of AC unit you pick. Improper installation will not only void the manufacturer’s warranty but can also damage your unit in various ways. Consult professionally trained and licensed technicians like the Easy Cool Air team to handle your AC installation. Contact us to get started.