Solar Panel Repairs Cairns

For all your solar panel repairs and servicing needs, Easy Cool Air offers the most reliable solutions to all residents in Cairns and its surrounds. With a decade of experience under our belt, we guarantee our services will help your system operate at maximum capacity, for longer.

What Causes Solar Panel Issues & Degradation?

Like most devices, solar panels lose efficiency over time for various reasons, such as dust and debris, and exposure to extreme weather, especially in sunny Cairns.

The quality of the solar panel system also matters; units made from poor-quality materials are faster to degrade and lose efficiency. These types require more frequent inspection and cleaning to keep them running. Faulty wiring is another common issue in older solar panels or units that were not properly installed. For that reason, it’s vital to tap an expert like Easy Cool Air for solar panel installation.

solar panels installed
switchboard check onsite

Signs Your Solar Panels Need Repairs

Is it time for you to call a professional for solar panel repairs in Cairns? Here are some signs that your system may require repair services or a replacement:

  • Poor system performance, or unit showing steady loss of efficiency
  • Faulty or damaged solar inverters
  • Faulty or disconnected wiring
  • Individual panels that are malfunctioning
  • Lightning strikes
  • Visibly dirty system
  • Cracked or broken panel glass

In Need of Solar Panel Repairs in Cairns?

Far North Queensland is one of Australia’s sunniest spots, which is why it’s not difficult to find companies offering solar panel repairs in Cairns. But for such a significant investment as your solar PV system, you’ll want a real solar expert that has the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done.

Contact us today for a free quote. We also offer residential maintenance and cleaning services for solar panels to ensure your system will always be operating at its most efficient.