Solar Panel Installation Cairns

Far North Queensland’s climate makes it one of Australia’s best places to install solar PV panels. If you plan to switch to solar and need help with installation, our team is here at your service.

Easy Cool Air is committed to providing residential customers with expert solar panel installation services in Cairns. We have the local knowledge, so we know your needs as a Cairns property owner and any regulations concerning installation.

Why Hire Expert Solar Installers?

Solar PV panels must be installed correctly to be efficient at their maximum level, which experienced installers can guarantee. Hazards and accidents are also likely scenarios for people who may try to install panels by themselves without proper knowledge and equipment.

To remain compliant with Queensland construction regulations, hiring expert solar installers is vital. Solar installation is counted as construction work, and it is not as simple as buying panels and putting them up on the roof. There needs to be a consideration for the system’s structural performance, its material compatibility with the building elements, and proper installation techniques to ensure the roofing system is weather-tight according to law, to name a few.

Additionally, installers may also advise and offer solar power options that best fit your specific requirements, helping you benefit more from solar and save on household power bills.

Choose Us for Expert Solar Panel Installation in Cairns

As trusted professionals in solar panel installation in Cairns, we ensure your system is properly installed and functions to the highest standard. Not only are we certified to install solar panels, but we are also equipped with a decade worth of knowledge and extensive experience in the solar energy field. Easy Cool Air also offers solar panel maintenance and cleaning services.

For expert solar installers to replace or put a new system in your property in Cairns or in surrounding areas, contact us today.