Ice Machines

Numerous businesses rely on ice machines, including bars, hotels, restaurants, food markets, snack bars and hospitals. A defective ice machine could negatively impact your operations and offering, especially if you’re in the food industry.

Should you need expert technicians to look after your commercial ice machines here in Cairns, our team is happy to lend a helping hand. Easy Cool Air can supply, repair and service various refrigeration systems, including ice maker machines.

How to Prepare Before Your Ice Machine Technician Arrives

Whether your heavy-duty restaurant ice machine is in need of repairs, or your under-counter ice maker is scheduled for maintenance, it’s important to prepare the equipment and space for the technician. Here’s what you should do:

  • Remove the clutter. No items on top of the ice equipment — stacking objects like boxes or appliances on top of the machine can block its ventilation, so it’s not recommended to do so in the first place.
An employee scooping ice out of an ice machine, in a restaurant setting
  • Give the technician enough space to work and ensure the ice machine’s components are accessible.
  • If your ice machine is leaking, ensure that you place a bucket or something similar to contain the dripping water. These water leaks can injure both the technician and your employees.
  • Keep electrical components and appliances, such as wires, lamps and breakers, away from any water or puddle produced by the ice machine.
  • Keep any hazardous chemicals and waste away from your ice machine and the area where your technician will be working.
Man checking electrical set up

Delivering Quality Servicing for Ice Machines in Cairns

At Easy Cool Air, we offer planned maintenance and reliable repair services to keep your commercial ice maker machine running in peak condition. We also supply quality ice makers should you require a new one for your business or want to upgrade your current unit.

In addition to ice maker machines, we also service refrigeration systems, air-conditioning units, electrical equipment and solar panels. For more information or to book our services, you can get in touch with us online or call 07 4281 6824 today.