Ice Machine Repairs and Service

Is your ice machine becoming more unreliable? Is it producing fewer ice cubes, leaking water or not working altogether? It may be time for much-needed ice machine repairs and servicing.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of trained and highly qualified service technicians if you need commercial ice machine repair, cleaning and maintenance services. We cater to clients all over Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands region.

Ice Machine Repairs, Servicing & Cleaning Solutions

At Easy Cool Air, we provide efficient, reliable and quality repairs, servicing and cleaning for commercial ice machines. You may want to call us for our ice machine repair service if you notice these warning signs in your equipment:

  • Water leaks
  • Not fully frozen/half-frozen ice cubes
  • Low ice production
  • Foul-tasting or smelling ice
  • Unusual, loud noises
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Leaving these unaddressed doesn’t just deteriorate your unit further but also poses safety risks to your commercial kitchen and customers. Leaks, for example, can seep into and damage the flooring. Serving unclean ice cubes in your drinks can be a health hazard to your patrons and ruin your operations and reputation.

Ice Machines We Service

Easy Cool Air can help your business secure good scores during health inspections, increase the volume and longevity of ice cubes and improve your equipment’s efficiency, which, in turn, lowers power costs. We service various types of ice machines, including full-cube, half-cube, flaked ice makers and nugget units.

Our repair and maintenance services do not extend to ice dispensers.

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Keep Your Ice Machines Running at Peak Performance

Your ice machines and refrigeration systems should always be running at top performance to keep your operations smooth and clients satisfied. Those in the food service industry especially need to keep their equipment in peak condition for health and food safety compliance. Besides our repair, maintenance and cleaning services, we also supply quality ice machines should you want to upgrade or replace your current equipment. For more details, you can contact us online via our inquiry form or call our friendly team at 07 4281 6824.