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Lighting is a critical element to room design. It illuminates the space and stops you from living in the shadows, making rooms feel more spacious or cosy, dictating their atmosphere and vibe, and highlighting the room’s key design aspects.

Light aside, the fixtures and bulbs themselves can significantly impact the space, alongside other elements such as energy consumption and your electricity bill.

At Easy Cool Air, our team will work alongside your design needs to safely deliver functional, affordable lighting in your home or workplace. If you’re looking to install new lights, replace existing fixtures or upgrade your current setup, book your free light fitting installation quote with Easy Cool Air today.

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Regardless of whether you have already chosen your lights, or are still deciding what you need, our team can help you select, place and safely wire in your desired lighting solutions.

We will complete a simple installation in a matter of hours, with more extensive light fitting installations taking up to a day. The Easy Cool Air team are fully licensed, insured electricians who understand the safety requirements and will install your lights in the safest and most energy-efficient way.

Our locally owned team of experts will be happy to assist with any of the following light fitting installations:

Light fitting installation experts

The fully licensed and insured team at Easy Cool Air pride themselves on their dedication to quality service. Regardless of the job’s size, we always recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install or upgrade your light fittings to ensure all wiring is done correctly and safely.

Amplify your space and reduce your energy bills by contacting us for a free quote today. Our team will be happy to have a chat about your budget and lighting needs.

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Light Fitting Installation FAQs

This will depend on the type of light fitting. While replacing an existing bayonet batten fitting with a plug-in light fitting is relatively simple, light fittings which involve reconnecting the internal wiring is more complicated and will need to be installed by a licensed electrician.

You should always use a licenced electrician to install a new light fixture, as it does carry the risk of electrocution or dangerous house fires. It’s actually illegal to complete this type of electrical work if not appropriately licensed, so it’s always best to use a professional.

You’ll need a licensed electrician to complete this type of electrical work in Australia. While it might seem like a relatively simple task, it’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t have the required training. Using a licensed electrician will ensure the job is completed correctly and safely.

The cost will depend on the complexity of the job and how long it will take to complete. Most installations are quite economical and can be completed in a couple of hours. It’s best to request a free quote to gain an accurate idea of cost.