Electric Hot Water Systems

If you have had a sudden loss of hot water, a reduction in the supply, fluctuations in temperature, any leaking around your system or have water-quality issues, it might be time to install a new electric hot water system.

Before buying a new system, however, give the friendly team at Easy Cool Air a call for an in-home inspection. We can let you know if your system requires a full replacement or a simple repair.

Malfunctioning Electric Hot Water Systems Cost Money

Considering an electric hot water system that’s working well makes up around 20% of your energy usage, it’s certainly worth ensuring that your system is functioning properly and not suffering from deterioration issues.

If it’s not, you have the opportunity to replace it with a modern, energy-efficient model, which can dramatically reduce the cost of your electricity and water bills.

Save Costs with Hot Water Timers

Our skilled team can install and replace a hot water timer on your existing system or can include this with the installation of your new system. Hot water timers are an effective method for saving energy and costs when heating your water. These systems divert the power from your water heating system to solar-based systems during peak times of the day.

These timers can also work to only heat your water during times of the day it’s needed. Switching off your hot water system while you’re away at work or gone for the weekend can help you dramatically reduce your energy consumption.

Why Choose Easy Cool Air?

Regardless of your needs, the fully licensed and insured team members at Easy Cool Air can help.

As a local company that’s here to serve the Cairns’ community, we can come in and inspect, repair or perform maintenance on your current system. We can also replace your old system with a new one quickly and with no mess and no fuss. In both cases, we will ensure your system is correctly fitted to power and water and working efficiently, and you can even opt for us to remove and dispose of your old system.

Easy Cool Air staff member giving the thumb's up sign

Based in Earlville in the heart of Cairns, our professional team services all areas of Cairns including suburbs as far south as Gordonville, all the way up to Ellis Beach.

We’re trained to repair and replace all major brands and our priority is always your safety, so we ensure our work is executed in line with all current safety regulations. We also ensure you have a full understanding of everything our quote includes, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and don’t have to worry about any possible bill shock.

Before we leave, we’ll walk you through how to operate your new system and answer any questions you may have.

If you live in the Cairns area and would like to experience the benefits of Easy Cool Air’s electric hot water systems services, give us a call for your free quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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