Power Saving Solutions

Are you continually feeling shocked by the high cost of your energy bills? As energy prices rise year on year, we understand that the running costs of a home or business can put significant pressure on your budget.

It’s becoming more and more important to understand your power usage and pinpoint where you might be able to improve your power efficiency, not just to reduce your bills, but also to lower your household’s or business’s carbon emissions. 

To tackle the problem, we’ve developed a range of smart power saving solutions that can slash the cost of energy bills for your home or business and save you hundreds of dollars every year, all while having a positive impact on the environment.

Our tailored power saving solutions

The benefits and cost savings of monitoring your power usage have been known for some time now—but what many don’t know, is that they could be saving even more on their energy bills.

At Easy Cool Air, we’ve developed our signature Power Saving Solutions service, where we’ll develop a custom-designed plan, built specifically around your energy usage requirements, to save you more on your power costs.

Our recommended solutions can save you hundreds of dollars each year, quickly paying for itself while providing valuable ongoing cost savings.

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Here's how we do it...

Following a carefully developed 3-step process, we’ll develop a custom plan based on the individual energy requirements for your home or business.

For a small upfront fee of $149, we’ll conduct a personalised face-to-face consultation, where we’ll analyse your current energy usage patterns to identify your  most significant sources of energy consumption.

With this information, we’ll develop a tailored solution to meet your energy requirements and maximise your power cost savings.

What we’ll need to know

To help us design the most efficient plan for your home or business, some of the things we’ll want to find out during the consultation include:

  • How large the premises is
  • The time/times of day when energy consumption is highest
  • The number and type of lights installed on the premises
  • The number and age of any ceiling fans and air conditioners used
  • Which appliances or equipment are connected to electricity
  • What your regular electricity usage is
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As a team of qualified electricians and fully licensed energy experts based locally in Cairns, we can take care of a wide range of air conditioning services, refrigeration, solar and electrical services to create a complete energy solution for you.

Even more, if you decide to go ahead with our recommended solutions and additional works required for installation, we’ll waive our consultation fee (if works are carried out by us).

To take up this offer and slash the cost of your energy bills, contact the team at Easy Cool Air to request a Power Saving Solution consultation.