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Shed Fitouts

If you’ve just built or renovated a shed or garage, you may choose to have it wired for power. Having electrical equipment like 15 amp or 10 amp power points for lighting, and electric roller door, heating appliances, tools and other equipment is unquestioningly beneficial.

Having a sub-mains and switchboard installed in your shed offers a range of advantages, such as having the ability to add extra circuits in the future. This is great if you’re planning on installing a hot water system, a pool pump or any other infrastructure near your shed or garage.

With power to your shed, you can use it as a workshop, a laundry space, a sleep-out, a games room or anything else that requires lighting and electricity.

Easy Cool Air can give you the power

It’s vitally important to hire a professional when doing electrical work. The team at Easy Cool Are are not only qualified to complete your shed fitouts, but we also have plenty of experience.

There are multiple considerations to be made, such as the location of fittings and the type of power you’ll need. If you don’t have the right locations, you’ll end up needing extension cords or having lighting issues.

If you don’t have the right type of power (such as 15 amp, domestic 10 amp or 3-phase), you’ll continuously end up tripping the power to your home or your tools, and other electronics won’t work.

At Easy Cool Air, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first and our main priority is your safety, so we always ensure everything is 100% safe and compliant. Find out more about our shed fitouts by contacting us for a chat, or fill in our online quote form.

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