Smoke Alarm Replacement

Not many people are aware that smoke alarms have a service life of roughly ten years. If your smoke alarm is older than that or fails to operate when tested, it’s likely time to replace it. Some homes and buildings are even required to replace their units with compliant photoelectric style smoke alarms, as per legislation.

It’s best to be compliant for your safety. Our professional team at Easy Cool Air can assist you with all your smoke alarm replacement and installation needs.

Upgrading Smoke Alarms for Compliance & Safety

As a smoke detector gets older, the risk of it failing to detect a fire rises. Several factors can contribute to its deteriorating efficiency as years go by, such as accumulated dust, contaminants in the air, and electrical circuitry damage. Should an alarm be replaced, it is required to be replaced with Australian Standard 3786–2014 compliant smoke detectors and be interconnected to all other units in the building.

Easy Cool Air can upgrade your smoke alarms to the newest and safer units that comply with Queensland legislation. We’re here to keep your home fire-safe, providing top-quality alarm replacements as well as quick, proficient servicing with no mess and no fuss.
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When searching for a reliable smoke alarm specialist here in Cairns, you can rely on your local professionals at Easy Cool Air.

With nearly a decade of experience under our belt, Easy Cool Air takes pride in providing prompt and professional service, whether it be replacing smoke alarms or installing air conditioners. Our goal is to design and supply quality systems that suit your needs and budget.

Your safety is our priority. If you’re unsure when your smoke detector needs replacing or want to get a faulty unit checked out, contact us today for a complimentary appointment.

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