Types of Commercial Refrigeration – Which One is Best for Business?

For many industries, refrigeration equipment is vital for their operations, but for each business, a different type of unit may be needed.

Freezers and fridges come in many different types and in a wide range of sizes, and because they can be a significant investment, it’s good to be informed about these various units available before making a purchase decision. Which type of commercial refrigeration will best service your needs?


Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration for Unique Business Needs


For Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and Retail Stores

Customer-facing display fridges or merchandiser fridges are ideal for supermarkets. These units are easy to open for customers and simple for your staff to control and clean. Aside from convenience, the clear display of products helps encourage impulse sales.

Other systems that retail stores often use include chest freezers, freezer rooms and cool rooms. Cool rooms can be tailored according to the needs of the business. Custom-made units often have shelves at the front and an area at the back for the staff to sort and stock the shelves.

supermarket commercial refrigerators


For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens require a high-quality workhorse like the workbench fridge, which has a prep table and storage options for your busy kitchen operations. Workbench types are often well-insulated with castors and motors, fan-forced evaporator cooling and self-evaporating drainage.

Those in the hospitality industry can also benefit from cold rooms and walk-in freezers. Freezer rooms help preserve food items and keep them safe for consumption. Like cool rooms, they can also be custom-built to your needs and preferences.


For Pubs, Clubs and Bars

Besides the usual beverage coolers, professional-grade bar and under bench fridges are a must for pubs and bars. Easily accessible, compact and durable, commercial bar fridges are the perfect unit to store alcohol, mixers and small beverages. Their glass doors let customers view the available drinks and offer staff ease of stock navigation. They also have door locks, premium-quality processors and good ventilation; you can place them on top or under the counter. For wine bottles and specialised drinks, consider getting a wine cooler.

Bar and under bench fridges can also be used in restaurant and café settings and are available in many different sizes to suit the space available.


For Offices and Corporate Buildings

Just because corporate workspaces don’t handle food and drinks like restaurants and bars, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for regular home refrigerators. Large offices require a modern, commercial-grade refrigerator in their staff kitchen, pantry or break room to accommodate the daily use of large volumes of people. Consider units like beverage coolers or any upright fridges.


Taking Care of Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Whatever cooling system you choose for your business, it’s vital to take proper care of it through commercial refrigeration maintenance and repairs. Neglecting your unit can cause poor refrigeration, which can lead to spoilage and food poisoning, increased bills and may warrant major repairs or replacement. Our team at Easy Cool Air can help you maintain your commercial freezers and cool rooms and fix any technical issues they may have. Contact us today for more details.