Why Cleaning Solar Panels is Best Left to Professionals

Keeping a solar power system clean may seem like a straightforward process; sometimes, homeowners may even leave the cleaning to nature instead since rain can typically wash out the dirt.

However, there are times when rainwater or DIY cleaning may not be enough. Rain isn’t a reliable way of thoroughly clearing dirt and debris, and without the proper equipment, doing the cleaning yourself may put you in danger instead. It is highly recommended to call on solar panel specialists to ensure your system is well-maintained.

solar panels on the roof of a house


Maximise Energy by Cleaning Solar Panels

Besides proper installation and regular solar maintenance, cleaning solar panels is one of the best ways to maximise the benefits of your solar investment. Your system may produce as much as 25% less electricity when it is dirty— this is because the amount of energy generated by the panels relies on how much sunlight hits them. The accumulation of dirt and debris blocks the light from getting absorbed by the solar cells.

Like many homeowners you may have chosen to use solar mainly to save on power bills, hence, leaving dirt, dust, leaves, bird droppings, and grime to build up on your panels is counter-intuitive.

When to Hire an Expert to Clean Your Panels

While you can opt to clean your solar power system yourself or let Mother Nature help you, there are various reasons and situations where the job is best left to the experts. For one, you may not have the right expertise to clean them properly. Other instances include:

• The roof is too high, too steep, or too slippery
• You lack equipment, such as ladders, cleaning tools, safety harness, and scaffolding
• You have physical limitations that make climbing ladders and walking on rooftops dangerous
• You don’t have enough time to clean them thoroughly and regularly

More often than not, hiring professionals is a cheaper, safer, and better way to maintain your panels. Find out more in our in-depth guide on solar panel cleaning.

Helping Cairns Households Maintain their Solar Power Systems

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