What to Expect from an Air Conditioner Service Plan

Air conditioners are one of the best investments for any property, whether residential or commercial. If maintained properly, they can last for fifteen to twenty years.   Why You Should Sign Up for an Air Conditioner Service Plan For an A/C unit to function at peak efficiency and preserve its warranty, homeowners and commercial property […]

Air Conditioner Installation Process: What it Is and How to Prepare

split type air conditioner

While it’s best to leave the air conditioner installation to the professionals, there are ways homeowners like you can prepare to ensure the process goes seamlessly. Here are some tips. Preparing for Air Conditioner Installation Day #1 Consider where you want the air conditioner (and its controller) beforehand.  Placement is essential as it can affect […]

Property investor? Add value with an upgraded air conditioning system

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Most investors are looking for any way to maximise their returns with either increased cash-flow, equity or added value to their asset or portfolio. Done well, one can avoid a capital improvement situation with the addition of a new or upgraded air conditioning system. This is a win-win for any investor with decreased maintenance costs, […]

How Important is Regular Air Conditioner Servicing?

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We all know in everyday life that if we don’t maintain something, it will probably, eventually, either come to a screeching halt, perform inefficiently or break altogether. Our vehicles, homes, plants, and even our bodies, need regular maintenance, as do your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Servicing Regularly maintaining your […]