How to Check if My Solar Panels are Working Properly

Many solar owners don’t really know if their solar panels are functioning as they should, and don’t know how to find out. As a result, people often ask, “how to check if my solar panels are working properly?”.

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How to Check if Your Solar Panels are Working

Here are some ways to identify any issues that may be causing your solar panels to operate poorly.

Check for Shading.

If you notice your system producing less energy than usual, check for shading interfering with your solar cells from absorbing sunlight. Perhaps a tree has grown, or a structure such as an antenna or roof ventilator is blocking the light.

Red or Green Inverter?

During sun hours, check the colour of your inverter lights. Green means your solar PV system is operating properly, and red, yellow, or orange means there is a system fault. The inverter light may also not light up at all. An error message may be on display, which requires you to call a solar specialist.

Possible causes for this error can include:

  • too high or too low voltage
  • issues with the earthing of the system
  • the circuit breaker has tripped

These technical problems can be avoided with regular solar panel maintenance.

Check the System’s Data.

Particularly for modern solar PV systems, you have two ways to view information about their output via the inverter:

  • on the digital screen (if it has one)
  • an online account linked to your inverter

Check for Dirt.

Dirt can be easily washed off from the panels with regular rainfall, but dust, droppings, and grime can accumulate during the dry period. Here is a cleaning guide for solar panels to help you. When in doubt, hire a solar cleaning expert.


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