Range Hood Installation Cairns

Even a top quality range hood is only as good as its ventilation and exhaust system, making proper installation crucial. Leaving the task to professional installers like Easy Cool Air’s team ensures that your kitchen appliances will be safe to use, function at their best, and last longer.

Amateur Installations Can Be a Fire Hazard

Like many electrical services, range hood installations are often a complex process with plenty of considerations to take into account. For one, they should adhere to the strict Australian Standards and requirements of the Building and Construction Commission.

Regulations indicate that range hoods should be installed in strict accordance with the instructions provided by their manufacturer for optimum product performance, longevity, and safety. The location of the hood’s exhaust is also critical, as venting it into a wall cavity and ceiling space is not recommended. This practice may create a fire hazard from grease build-up, as well as accumulate odours and damage to insulation.

Inexperienced or amateur installers can put your family and property at risk if they do not comply with the compulsory standards for kitchen and range hood installations. Product performance is also dependent on proper installation— do not risk your range hood with a shoddy installation job.

Expert Range Hood Installation for Cairns Kitchens

The indoor air quality of your kitchen is crucial to maintain, as airborne emissions from the stove, oven and other kitchen heating appliances can have harmful health effects. The job of a range hood is to extract the polluted air from cooking and to filter airborne grease. The first step to ensuring your range hood will work the way it is supposed to, is through an installation that complies with the Australian Standards.

Avoid making your kitchen a deadly fire hazard by contacting the kitchen appliance installation specialists, Easy Cool Air, for your range hood installation in Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands. We also provide a variety of other services such as solar, electrical, and refrigeration solutions. Contact us for a chat today.


Range Hood Installation FAQs

It is recommended to vent the range hood’s exhaust outside the building. Exhausting air into wall and ceiling spaces can accumulate humidity and grease, which makes them a fire hazard. Moreover, the build-up can also include foul odours and potentially damage insulation. Your installer can help you find the best location for your range hood’s exhaust.

It depends on the cooktop: the minimum height of the hood above an electric cooktop is 600mm, while it is 650mm for a gas hob. However, for safety and performance, most manufacturers recommend mounting your hood at a minimum height of 700 to 750mm. Consult your installer or your cooktop and range hood’s manual for the height clearance requirement.

There are a lot of factors to consider for range hood installation pricing, such as, the type of range hood (if it is a fixed or a slide-out unit), the cabinetry work required for slide-out hoods, and ducting and electrical connections. Get in touch with our team today to get a quote.

Since canopy range hoods tend to cover the entire cooktop area, they are generally considered the most efficient and best performing range hood type. However, depending on your preferences and requirements, other types may fit you better. Undermount range hoods, for example, are perfect if you want an unobtrusive unit.

Some range hoods are hardwired, while some are plug-in. Many people prefer hardwired hoods, and if you are one of these people, you must legally consult the professional assistance of a qualified Electrician. Dealing with wiring and electricity is a risky, complex task that is best left to a tradesman. Easy Cool Air can help you with that.

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