Smoke Alarm Compliance

If you need to install or upgrade a smoke alarm system in your residential property, you may be aware that it is not a straightforward process. Smoke alarm installation in Australia is heavily regulated and if you’re not familiar with the ins-and-outs of the requirements, it’s understandable that you may find yourself overwhelmed.

Handling complex legislation is one of the many things Easy Cool Air can help you with. Our range of smoke alarm packages not only provides you with quality upgrades and installation services, but also ensures your future safety and compliance

Why Upgrade Your Smoke Alarms Today?

Relevant legislation for smoke alarm compliance, starting from 1 January 2022, states that landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties. Interconnected smoke alarms mean that when one goes off, they all go off, which gives everyone extra time to escape in case of a fire or toxic gas outbreak. All other dwellings must transition to new compliance by 2027.

With regards to insurance, for landlords, having non-2022 compliant smoke alarm systems can impact whether your property can be covered by your insurance company or not. Similarly, homeowners should have compliant smoke alarms by 2027 to ensure their homes are covered by insurance.

With the help of a professional, upgrading your smoke alarms in accordance with current legislation and its specifics will ensure your family’s safety and that of your property. Our compliance-minded services will ensure your smoke alarms will be fully functional, and in the case of a fire emergency, ensure your safety and guarantee insurance coverage.

Save Lives & Save Money with Easy Cool Air

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We have two types of smoke alarm packages which vary depending on the type of system you need (hardwired or wireless) and your house requirements.

Hard-wired Packages

Home Requirement Price starts from:
1 - Bedroom Home
$550 + GST
2 - Bedroom Home
$655 + GST
3 - Bedroom Home
$775 + GST
4 - Bedroom Home
$875 + GST
5 - Bedroom Home
$975 + GST

Anything above a 5 bedroom home will require a site visit.

RF Packages

Home Requirement Price starts from:
1 - Bedroom Home
$810 + GST
2 - Bedroom Home
$1,120 + GST
3 - Bedroom Home
$1,430 + GST
4 - Bedroom Home
$1,750 + GST
5 - Bedroom Home
$2,050 + GST

Anything above a 5 bedroom home will require a site visit.

Smoke Alarm Compliance FAQs

What is required by law?

When it is time for your alarms to be upgraded, those alarms must:

For any existing smoke alarm being replaced from 1 January 2017, the replacement must be photoelectric and compliant with AS 3786-2014, as mentioned above.

If a smoke alarm hardwired to the domestic power supply needs replacement, it must be replaced with a hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm.

In existing domestic dwellings, it is possible to have a combination of smoke alarms(240v and battery operated). Interconnectivity can be both or either wired or wireless.

What to buy?

Smoke alarms must comply with Standard AS 3786-2014. The body of the device mustbe marked with AS 3786-2014.

What to avoid?

Ionisation smoke alarms are not ideal due to their slow response and tendency for nuisance alarm tripping. Check the base of the system if it has an ionisation sensor to confirm. 

What are nuisance alarms, and how can they be avoided?

A nuisance alarm is an alarm detection triggered by non-hazardous sources, such assmoke from cooking or steam from hot showers. Dirt, dust and debris blown into thesystem’s ductwork may also activate a nuisance alarm.

To avoid nuisance alarms, a professional installer will:

Should accidental or nuisance alarms occur, homeowners should not remove the alarm batteries or disable the interconnected system to silence the alarm. This event tends to happen due to annoyance towards nuisance alarms, which can be dangerous. Have your systems checked by professionals and replaced if necessary.

Where should smoke alarms be placed?

Where practicable, smoke alarms must be placed on the ceiling.

They must not be placed within:

For stairways, sloping ceilings, and ceilings with exposed beams, there are special requirements that we can further discuss with you if your property has these features.

Additionally, smoke alarms should not be installed in dead air space—an area where trapped hot air will prevent smoke from reaching the system. This space is typically found at the apex of cathedral ceilings, the corner junction of ceilings and walls, and between exposed floor joists.

Our Knowledge and Experience Make Us Reliable

Having a professional like Easy Cool Air with a decade of experience guarantees reliable upgrades, replacements, and installations that ensure your smoke alarm activates when it needs to. Not only that, but our work also gives you peace of mind when it comes to adhering to the necessary laws on smoke alarms and fire safety.

With competitive prices and stellar customer service, alongside our high-quality electrical services, we can make your life safer, easier, and better.

For inquiries regarding our packages, get in touch with us via our online inquiry form. We will be more than happy to answer any questions about our smoke alarm services, installation requirements, and pricing.

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