What are the Best Solar Panels?

One of the top reasons homeowners switch to solar is for cost-saving benefits. To maximise these advantages, you will want to install the best solar power systems that fit your home’s energy consumption and needs. But what are the best solar panels for you?

solar panels with a grassy hill in the background

What are the Best Solar Panels for Homeowners?

The best type of solar panels are highly efficient, reliable, and have excellent performance and return on investment. This means they are usually higher cost systems from well-established companies or suppliers who are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Like most things, higher prices typically indicate premium-quality solar products. The cost of a solar panel is influenced in part by:

  • its capacity (in watts)
  • its physical size
  • the brand name
  • quality of materials
  • the durability
  • warranty period
  • certifications

Unsure how to determine the capacity and number of panels you need? Our team will be glad to help you calculate and get the solar panels installed when you need them.


Determining Reliable Solar Panel Manufacturers

You can expect high-quality, high-performing solar panels from manufacturers that:

  • invest in research and development
  • use innovative robotic processes— not reliant on manual work
  • are vertically integrated—meaning they control all stages of the manufacturing process
  • have been manufacturing solar panel systems for over five years

These producers typically use the best grade of silicon and quality materials to build solar panels. Silicon is crucial for such systems because the higher the silicon grade used, the longer the solar cell will last, and the better the panel’s performance.


Expert Solar Solutions from Easy Cool Air

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