What is HVAC? What it Means for Your Comfort

HVAC is a popular phrase used by people around the world and most have a broad understanding of what it implies, but not necessarily exactly what it means. As well, many people do not instinctively know how HVAC applies to commercial spaces and the differences amongst these properties and residential systems. Continue reading to learn more about what is an HVAC system and what are the fundamentals to know.

heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC)

What is HVAC and How Does it Work?

HVAC is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are applied to residential and commercial spaces to move air among outdoor and indoor settings. Also, HVAC systems heat up and cool down the insides of buildings. These systems are implemented to keep people comfortable inside during any weather condition. HVAC systems not only control air temperature and flow, but also filter the air indoors to keep you healthy and provide you with safe-to-breathe air.

HVAC for Your Health and Comfort

There are a number of distinct HVAC systems for different settings and situations, but they all start with the same fundamentals. There must be a fresh supply of air exchange from outside to inside and back out again. This method of air exchange is known as ventilation and can occur in two ways. The first is natural ventilation, which occurs when air goes in and out through openings such as doors, windows, vents, and further apertures. Natural ventilation can help to restock oxygen, carbon dioxide and to remove smells.

Mechanical ventilation refers to the V in the HVAC acronym and uses a mechanical system to push the air in and out of a building. Once air is drawn into the building, it is led to an air handling unit. In this mechanism, the air is brought through filters to remove dust and further negative particles.

Comfort is also an important part of HVAC systems. Depending on the external and internal temperature of a building, air is supplied to either be cooled or heated. Once the air is brought to a comfortable temperature, additional humidity in the air is eliminated. The air is then pushed through a central system of ducts and vents to be brought throughout the building.

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