How and Why to Clean an Air Conditioner

In Cairns, air conditioners play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. If you don’t clean an air conditioner you’re regularly using though, it can lead to problems that can impact its performance, efficiency and even your health! In this article, we look at how and why to clean an air conditioner:


Why Clean an Air Conditioner?

Over time, your air conditioner’s components can become dirty or clogged, reducing the efficiency of your system and making it work harder than necessary. A dirty air conditioner can also lead to poor indoor air quality, as it can circulate dust, allergens and other pollutants throughout your home or office. This can exacerbate respiratory problems, trigger allergies and cause other health issues. Regular cleaning of your air conditioner helps to maintain its efficiency, prolong its lifespan, prevent breakdowns and improve the air quality.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Air Conditioner?

If you neglect to clean your air conditioner, several issues can occur. First, the air filter can become clogged with dirt, dust and debris, preventing the proper flow of air through the system. This can cause it to work harder than necessary, increasing your energy bills and potentially leading to a breakdown.

Dirty coils can cause refrigerant and ice build-up, reducing the air conditioner’s ability to cool the air effectively. A dirty air conditioner can also become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, which can cause unpleasant odours and negatively affect indoor air quality. These microorganisms can also spread throughout the building, causing respiratory problems, allergies and other health issues.

How to Clean an Air Conditioner?

While you can moderately clean an air conditioner at home, it’s advised to have your system thoroughly cleaned each year by a professional, such as the skilled team here at Easy Cool Air. Here’s a quick guide to clean an air conditioner at home:

Turn off the power – This should be a no-brainer. Turn your system off before cleaning to prevent electrocution or damage.

Clean the air filter – Remove air filter from your unit, clean it with a vacuum or rinse under running water. If heavily soiled or damaged, you should replace it.

Clean the coils – It’s highly recommended to not touch the evaporator and condenser coils as they are easily damaged, but you can remove dust or debris using pressurised air or a soft brush if you’re very careful.

Clean the condenser fan – Clean the blades of the condenser fan with a soft brush or vacuum to remove any dirt or debris.

Check the drain line – Check the condensate drain line for any blockages and clean if necessary.


Once you have cleaned all the components, reassemble the unit and turn the power back on.

Regular cleaning of your air conditioner is crucial, but if you’re not comfortable cleaning it yourself, you should consider hiring the professional team at Easy Cool Air to do it for you. Contact us on 0742816824​ or via our contact form and we can ensure that your air conditioner is properly cleaned and maintained, giving you peace of mind and a comfortable indoor environment.