Ducted Air Conditioning vs Split System – What’s the Difference?

It is a question property owners across Australia are faced with – to choose ducted air conditioning vs split system air conditioning.

Whether you are renovating an already owned property or starting from scratch, obtaining the best air conditioning system to best suit your building, budget and standard of living is a big decision.

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Ducted Air Conditioning vs Split System vs Multi Split System

A dilemma that many people face when choosing the right air conditioning system for their home and business is whether to choose ducted vs split system or ducted vs multi split system. As a savvy property owner, educating yourself is the first step in making that big decision.

Ducted Air Conditioning

While a typical ducted air conditioning system may require an external condenser unit that may be partially visible depending on where it’s placed, the internal components are mostly hidden away, generally in the roofing area of your property. Only the vents are visible from the inside. The chilled air is then pushed through a system of hidden ducts in the walls and roof, from where it can simultaneously make its way into different areas or zones of the property.

Split Air Conditioning

A split air conditioning system also has a condenser installed outside the building. It mainly differs from the ducted variety in that its internal component is visibly set up usually on a wall or as a floor unit, and is suitable for cooling single zone interior spaces only.

Multi Split Air Conditioning

A multi split air conditioning system uses the same process as a normal split system but it can cool multiple zone interior spaces. It has one external unit linked to multiple indoor units. These are ideal for larger commercial spaces with several separate rooms that require air conditioning to work at different times of the day.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are more costly than split and multi split systems, but their principal advantage is that they can cool your entire property through a central cooling system.

A ducted system can only be installed in a building that has sufficient room for ducting, making these systems incompatible for some properties. Additionally, unless you decide to purchase a unit with Wi-Fi or smart phone capabilities, the thermostat is usually hardwired to a wall and lacks the accessibility of using a remote controller. While powerful, these systems need to have a large condenser outside your property which can be less aesthetically pleasing than multi split systems.

If you do not need to cool every section of your property all at the same time, a multi split system may be a better option for you, as this type of system enables individual room temperature control and different styles and capacities per zone.

The Right Choice for You: Ducted vs Split Systems?

Choosing the best air conditioning system for your needs is an extremely important decision as you want your air conditioning unit to be best suited for dealing with the Australian climate.

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