Getting the Most Out of Solar Panels – Four Useful Tips

Solar panels are an efficient and green way to generate electricity for your home, and there are ways to optimise your solar panels and reap their full benefits that do not require expensive changes or hard work. Here are practical things you can do to get the most out of your solar installation.

solar panels on the roof of a house

Getting the Most Out of Solar Panels for Residential Installations

  • Stay away from shade. Structures like utility poles and trees that regularly cast shadows on the solar system can create damaging hot spots and lower power output. Placement of the panels during solar installation is the key. Ensure that no permanent structures are blocking sunlight, or cut surrounding trees if necessary.
  • Clean your panels. Soiling is when dirt accumulates on solar panels over time. Layers of dust, mould, grime, pollen, bird droppings, and other obstructions can put a dent in your energy output by up to 6.5%— even as much as 60% if you live in the desert. It is recommended to have your panels cleaned at least twice a year and done by professionals.
  • Utilise daylight. Keen to be more efficient with your solar-based electricity? Charge your electronics and do your high-energy use tasks during daylight hours.
  • Use LED lights instead of regular lightbulbs. Because incandescent lightbulbs lose around 90% of their power to exhaust as heat, LED options are better. LED lighting is more energy-efficient— not only do they not emit heat, but they also have longer lifespans and are eco-friendly. Making the switch can help you lower your power bills even more.

Maximising Your Solar Energy Output with Easy Cool Air

Besides the above tips, professional solar specialists like Easy Cool Air can help in getting the most out of solar panels with our services. We offer reliable solar installation, repairs, and maintenance solutions for Cairns residences that can keep your system running at its most optimal state for longer.

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